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Hansell the Leprous by orcbruto Hansell the Leprous by orcbruto
Born in a barbaric fringe world named Amaranth, in the Sallora System, Hansell was the elder son of a hunter with the local shaman of a nomadic tribe of hunter/gatherers. When he was 13 years old, the "gods" descended from the sky to take the best young warriors to live in the stars, and Hansell was chosen to go with these gigantic beings and become an Adeptus Astartes of the White Scars. 

In the trials, he was found unsuitable and sent back to Amaranth, but when he arrived, all he saw was a world ravaged by disease. The crewmen of the "gods" had inadvertently spread a minor mycosis, common at starship environments, but, once in contact with the barbarians with no natural defenses, the fungus became a severe, debilitating and painful plague called "The Black Leper". 

Shortly after, in fear of this Black Leper spreading to other worlds, the Imperial Navy blockaded Amaranth, and the native tribes died by the millions. Hansell saw his parents, brothers and everyone he knew die in agony, until he contracted the baleful plague himself. While his skin and muscles were eaten by the fungus, he cried for help to the Emperor and to any gods that could spare him. 

One of the gods answered. 

The disease turned Hansell into a walking corpse, hungry for human flesh and thankful to Nurgle for having spared him. For decades he feasted over the rotten remains of his former kinsmen, while the Navy left the system altogether and new "gods" descended from the sky. The green-armored warriors that arrived recognized Hansell as a blessed by Nurgle and brought him under their tutelage, turning him into a Adeptus Astartes and introducing him into the Death Guard. 

Since then Hansell gathered a small group of Death Guard Chaos Marines and started the Devourers of Flesh, a warband of cannibals and murderers, motivated by his burning desire of vengeance and sadistic behavior. Hansell believes the Imperium infected his homeworld as a penalty for his fault at the White Scars trials, and he seeks to revenge his kin. 

Hansell is the second Nurgle Chaos Marine I painted, with a banner and a melta-gun. I did some research in the internet before painting the corpses in his banner, and I guess it does really looks like some skinless dead guy =D

Also I used a head from the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warriors, as it looks more "nurglish" than the horned guys from the Chaos Space Marine boxes. 

What do you think? I'm dying (of Black Leper) to hear your critics and ideas... is the story cool? And the painting? And the pose/head? Any way I could have done better?
Mineraleater Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think he looks to "clean" and bright for a Nurgle-marine ^^ 

Nice glow on the melta-gun =)
orcbruto Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks =D
Well, he is not a Plague Marine, just a Chaos one that worships Nurgle... Not enough time yet for his intestines to grow out of the armor XD

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