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After a long and depressing time, things seem to get quite better... In fact they got better so suddenly that sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream or something like that. 

Basically I moved home (after my old dwelling got looted by bandits) to a wonderful Krieg-esque bunker near my college. The house is awesome, with a big garage (that I turned into my studio, as I don't have a car...), two living rooms (a small library and my PC room), a bit kitchen, bedroom, one toilet and a great area for washing clothes (with a internal open-air space), and it doesn't have windows (in fact it have just one, between my bedroom and the internal patio, but since it faces inside the house, it doesn't count much) as the house is "compressed" between two other buildings. The roof is quite high (almost 4m tall) and surrounded by electric/barbed wire, and sunlight only goes inside by some glass roof tiles. Also the front gate is a solid metalon door with two padlocks (by the inside) and the garage is separated from the house by a steel door that runs sideways (also padlocked), so I guess any thieves might need a bulldozer to get inside (or some C4...)

I took a looooong time to organize the new house, and also bought a new PC (Core i3, 6Gb Ram, 500Gb HD), pretty basic compared to my old one, but better than having to answer e-mails, Facebook and DA in the cellphone. The moving (with all the new furniture I had to buy, since my old house furniture was joined with the walls) and the new PC gave me a quite sad debt, and I will be some 6 months at least without any extra expenditure (about 3k us$ debt, I'm paying some 300 us$ per month...). But it's worth!

Also my life changed from a cop movie to a romantic film quite fast. When I was 11 to 12 years old I had a school girlfriend/crush called Laiz, we used to go to the same school, but she moved to another one after a couple of years and, since in the 1990's there was no cellphones, Orkut, Facebook or anything like that, we lost all contact overnight. After some 19 years away, she managed to find me at Facebook, we went out to meet each other and - SURPRISE - we restored the dating XD

Yap, now I got a girlfriend (yeeeeaaahhhh!!!), and a very beautiful one (she is quite similar to Disney's Alladim princess Jasmine... tanned skin, long legs, long black hair and quite fit). There has being a looooooong time without dating (and all those sweet stuff of giving flowers, chocolates, saying "love you" and watching series together), but seems that finally my bad luck had gone away... 

Also I'm having some good results at sculpting 28mm miniatures... I hope soon I get good enough to start selling them =D


Elder Thing Infantry by orcbruto
Elder Thing Infantry
So, as the attack shoggoths go, they need some attention of the Elder guys, otherwise they may start thinking and becoming too smart for their own good, eventually going mad and becoming a rebellious blob of organs... So young and enthusiastic Elder Things have to get to the ground fight as well. 

H.P.Lovecraft described the Elders too well at Mountains of Madness (even with a deliciously disgusting autopsy), and I particularly like them for being a great non-humanoid but still technological evolved race of aliens. This guys have a radial symmetry based on the number 5, with five "heads" (tentacles ending in sensory organs), an octopus-like mouth in the middle of them, five "arms" composed of five tentacles each, a barrel-like body and five pseudopods for movement, and five wings unlike anything on Earth, that they use to fly in space (like sails to catch the solar winds... I interpret it as retractile membranes linking each pseudopod, like the membranes some octopuses have linking their tentacles). 

So my take on this guys is kind of horrific and odd. Most art I see show the poor Elders as static spread-out creatures, like a starfish, but I think of them more as those diminutive hydra polyps, quite gelatinous and fluid in motion, almost serpentine, bracing their tentacles like a squid or octopus would do and slithering easily and fluidly like some Aikido master... 

Also I imagine their "necks" as part of a "maw-like" system, filled with teeth in the inner part, so they can envelope the food and grind it before his "thongs" help the parts into it's inner lips and esophagus. I got this idea after watching giant snails eating (my old house had a lot of them at the gardens, some with shells larger than my shoes...) and seeing how they use their "pseudo teeth" to grind leaves. This guys are probably too civilized to bite someone, but seeing them "opening" their five necks and realizing it's filled with teeth on the inside is probably a maddening experience...

At the tip of each neck I imagine them have some orb-like organ, akin to an eye, but probably responsible for doing more than receiving light... As this guys seem to have evolved in some place without much atmosphere (they can survive naked in the vacuum of space, and their wings don't work inside planetary atmosphere...), I don't think hearing is very important to them, despite the fact that they do speak and can even learn to speak human language... Maybe they communicate by microwave, light in frequencies we can't see or electromagnetic fields, and the "speaking" while inside some dense atmosphere is just a byproduct of this communication, disturbing the air around them... These round-shaped "eyes" would work perceiving this signals and, maybe, also seeing light (or some other kind of energy). Right under the organ they would have a "five pieces" radula, the beak-like structure octopuses and squids have, but instead of having just two parts, like a bird beak, they would have five. With the "necks" open it would look more like some freaking huge tooth =D

Learning from the experiences of the aliens in the movies Signs and War of the Worlds, the Elders would not go around fighting naked. This guy there is wearing an "armor" (as all the Elder tech, a biological shoggoth armor...) that covers all his body, with openings at the eyes. If he closes his "necks", he becomes fully armored. The armor have weapon systems, including a scythe-like claw (for melee), two "gloves" for his "hand tentacles" and an acid spitter, a shoggoth gun attached to some acid producing glands that can contract it's muscles with strength to spit it some hundreds of kilometers away. Also the "ammo" glands can be used as a grenade (inspiration from Dead Space... XD). 

I'm planning on making some loads of this aliens for miniature gaming, and I intent to use in Warhammer 40k as tyranids. Because of the "Synapses" the 'nids have and the idea they act like some insane dumb critter when no smart creature is nearby to lead them, I think of using Elder infantries as Tyranid Warriors, keeping the attack shoggoths/gaunts from going insane... =D
Attack Shoggoths by orcbruto
Attack Shoggoths
Most fans of H.P.Lovecraft works know the Shoggoths as bubbling masses of proto-meat with infinite limbs and organs sprouting and melting (more or less like Tetsuo from the Akira animated movie...) all the time... But the cool catch is that these description is for the shoggoths that are insane, lost and seem to be unable to keep a constant shape...

In Lovecraft stories the alien race of the Old Ones developed their technology based on genetic manipulation of living creatures, so they used to "make" organic objects and machines, from the ones to work on construction to others used as entertainment. At their earthly colony some of these organic machines (i.e. Shoggoths) developed enough intelligence to behave as independent creatures, and went all "Terminator" (organic Terminators) on their creators. After this "rise of the machines organic" the Shoggoths spent some time evolving themselves into the shape of the Old Ones, but ended up mad and completely incapable of maintaining any stable shape. 

So I got the idea of making an army of Old Ones for miniature wargames (I intent to use them as Tyranid in W40k), and this guys are my prototypes for the most numerous fighters of their army. Basically the Olds don't have much feelings about their Shoggoths, and use them as "drones" and "shocktroopers", unleashing endless hordes of creatures built to combine the best characteristics of the most successful living entities found in the enemy planets. These war drones have only one thing in mind, to obey the Old One's orders and devour their enemy, using their hidrocarbonic bodies to fuel their own. 

These attack shoggoths are built to combine the most successful adaptations of insects, mammals, reptiles, fish and arachnids, they have the exoskeleton, body shape and strength of beetles, but with the mass, internal organs, metabolism and size of carnivore mammals like tigers and cheetahs. Instead of eyes, that can work as a weak point at the very front of the creature, they have special organs capable of detecting electricity (like sharks), six ears capable of detecting a broad band of vibrations, heat detector (like some snakes) and a bald leaf-like segmented head that works as a bat sonar. They have six legs but need just four to run, and their chest, leaf-shaped head, shoulder bones and bowl bone work as shark fins, giving great stability for running and swimming, while the tail can work as a rudder, like crocodiles do while underwater. The attack shoggoths usually take energy from other organic lifeforms eaten and oxigen, but can breath anaerobically or "burn" their own muscles for energy if deprived of the usual energy source.  

The "melee" version have two scythe-shaped blades at the attack limbs and a sickle-shaped one at the end of the tail, and their tactics are usually to run against the enemy lines, with blades extended, and let their own speed and weight press the targets against the edge of the blades, cutting limbs and opening flesh until the shoggoth is killed or there are no more living targets. If some other tactic is required, like guerrilla action or wolf-pack hunt, the shoggoth can be ordered by the Old One to change his blades into claws, pincers or other kind of organic weapon. 

The "ranged" version had their talons mutated into extra mouths, connected to oversized acid-producing glands. Powerful muscles crisscross each gland, and one fast and absurdly strong "squeeze" can propel a line of organic acid at several hundred kilometers. Usually these shoggoths have one "organic cannon" at each shoulder and another one at the tip of the tail, allowing it to shoot in 360º. At melee the extra mouths can grab and bite enemies, but they lack the reach and speed of attack the blades of melee shoggoths have. Usually these ranged monsters operate as "cover fire" to the melee ones, shooting survivors or enemies that escaped the fury of running talons and letting their acid liquefy them.   

About the aesthetics, it's pretty clear that I took inspiration from H. R. Giger biomecanoids =D
Middle Eastern Basilica Administratum by orcbruto
Middle Eastern Basilica Administratum
More terrain for my Warhammer 40k table. This time I went for two stores building, the headquarters of the Administratum in a small middle-eastern-like colony. Not much to store there, so the relative small size is quite sufficient, and techpriests can build more and more upgrades to expand it if the colony grows too much...

Once again the idea was to go for a "clean" cityscape, with not battle damage or exploded craters, quite ready to be conquered by xenos and heretics or defended by the Imperium. 

So... what do you think? I'm curious to hear your opinion about it =D
Ork Riders 5 by orcbruto
Ork Riders 5
'Ells Angel ork. Quite happy with the way his jacket came out =D


orcbruto's Profile Picture
Arturo Alejandro Branco
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I am a multi-artist that loves Photoshop, Google Sketchup and vector art.

I am Pisces (western horoscope) and Bull (chinese horoscope). A+ Blood

I am also an archeologist, Master Degree historian, made my thesis about Dracula in Romania (mostly in Craiova, Tirgoviste and Bucharest). Also I am enthusiast of Paleontology.

I am atheist, but I follow Buddhist Zen philosophy as moral and ethic compass. I also have lots of knowledge in magic and sorcery traditions from Middle Ages, despite I don't practice them.

Ethnically I am 25% Portuguese (Trás-os-Montes), 25% Spanish (Madrid), 25% Italian (Calabria) and 25% Morocco Berber. I born in Brazil, despite I have no Brazilian blood...

I speak portuguese and english very well, and very poorly spanish, japonese, latim, italian and romanian...

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