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  • Mood: Hurt
Hello friend... After some time exiled from DeviantArt, I`m finally back!

As you may know (reading my last journal), some damned thieves broke into my house when I was at the college and stole almost everything of any monetary value they could find. My veteran PC was gone, so as my digital camera, big ass monitor, electric screwdriver and tablet (weirdly they left my printer and an old LG smartphone that is shitty as it can be...). For my neighbour it was even worse, as he used to fix notebooks and PCs for a living.

So, long story short, my neighbour just gone away after having his clients computers stolen, and as I used to divide the rent of a huge house between me, him and his sister, I suddenly got alone with a house too big to manage and maintain... and only my smartphone (that was with me in the college at the time of the invasion) to link me to the world. Well, as my smartphone is a Windows Phone, I couldn`t install the DA official app (and the other ones are ridiculously shitty...)... Luckily the thieves didn`t stole my Warhammer 40k armies (they are probably quite more valuable than my old PC... but almost nobody knows tabletop wargames in this country...) or my robotic artificial lung (it`s faaaar more expensive than anything I had at the time! And yes, my organic lung is quite problematic, so I had to use an artificial one to sleep, but since my cat pierced it`s tube and I didn`t found any place that sells other like that, it was kept stored inside a special bag... and I just managed to deal with sleeping without oxygen for some years)

And to make shit stinks even more, the invasion happened right before the middle-semester tests, and in my college we use to have projects instead of "real" tests. And I had to write a lot of stuff by hand or in the tiny micro nano virtual keyboard of my smartphone...

At least the tests went out and I found a new, more safe, cheaper and more well placed house to move to. Right now it will be one week of living in the new house, and this is that very depressing/stressing time you have thousands of man-sized cardboard boxes lying around, dismounted furniture and plastic bags full of stuff and every time you start trying to put things in place, it looks like there are even more stuff to assemble and organize. Also with all the moving + buying new stuff (my old home furniture were all fixed into the walls, and brazillian walls are made of bricks and mortar, so I couldn`t take them with me, had to buy everything new...) cost me so much money that my bank account is in the infrared mode now...

Between these mind blowing unluckiness (I didn`t had any insurance or anything like that, so it`s even worse...), I managed to find a somewhat decent computer (Core i3, 6Gb RAM, 500Gb HD) for a good price (999R$, about 500 usd, but taxes are so fucking heavy around here that I bet it costs about 200 usd or less in US) and bought in 12 parcels... At least I will be able to write, make college homework, access internet and play some games...

As my laboratorium (painting studio/sculpture atelier/workshop/blacksmith) is a mess, with boxes and stuff all around me, don`t expect new deviations from me so soon... Just wish me luck, for I hope to put everything in it`s place before the end semester projects caught me by the neck...


Samurai White Scars Sergeants by orcbruto
Samurai White Scars Sergeants
So here are the two sarges for my two White Scars tactical squads. I found myself only with a torso, arms and head of a Space Marine, but no legs or backpack, so I decided to sculpt my own =D

He looks taller than the other one, but thats because he is upright, and the marines miniatures are usually with their knees bended and slightly curved... I measured his legs a lot of times, as he does look a loooot taller. Also the backpack I made (using hard paper impermeabilized with PVC glue and some necklace beads) is a bit larger than the usual Astartes pack (mostly the round beads, partially covered by the dragon heads), so I think it helps giving him this sense of being too tall  XD 

The sashimono (back flags) were painted by hand, and I tried to copy the style of chinese/nepalese buddha images, but with the Emperor of Mankind (probably "creating" the Primarchs, as he seems to be bending a DNA =D)

I'd love to hear your opinion on them... =D
White Scars Samurai Pyro by orcbruto
White Scars Samurai Pyro
A closer look into my White Scars Samurai with flamethrower... 

Dragon head made of epoxi, flag (sashimono) made of triplex paper
White Scars Samurai troops by orcbruto
White Scars Samurai troops
A closer view on my White Scars troopers. The Sugegasa (hat) and sashimono (flag) were made on triplex hard paper. The last one in the right have legs sculpted in Epoxi (I was out of legs for him).

What do you think? Like it? Not like it? Let me know!
Susegasa Samurai White Scars by orcbruto
Susegasa Samurai White Scars
Here are a squad of my White Scars, custom built to looks more like asian warriors than standard Space Marines. The hats (Sugegasa) and flags (sashimono) were made of thick paper, and the paldrons were modified with Durepoxi (Epoxi mass, similar to Green Stuff but easy to find here in Brazil, and quite cheap too), as well as the dragon heads. 

This particular squad have just five marines and one sergeant, but I included an extra sarge (made for my other squad, that was missing a sarge), almost all custom made, with an orange hakama and backpack with two dragon heads. I decided to use orange for the sarges clothes based on buddhist monks robes. As the White Scars are quite apart from the other legions and most of the Imperium, I imagine they may have religious views on the Emperor more akin to asian buddhist/tao/confucianist philosophies than the more common "medieval Catholic Church" way in most of the Imperium. 

Soon I will update more views on each of these guys. =D
City Outskirts Market by orcbruto
City Outskirts Market
So this is the 4th module of my 40k city. Not a city block, but a marketplace, vaguely inspired in FFXII and Borderlands =D

In this module I tried to replicate the market feel of a middle eastern town, with shop tents built between columns (nobody really remembers who are the statues over the columns trying to portrait, probably they are pre-imperium, and most are just rubble nowadays) with extended carpets over the ground, each one full of different goods and products, from metalwork to kitchenware, from electronics to food. Also three automatic vending machines can be found in a corner of the marketplace (based on Borderlands ones), one that sells ammo (STC compliant), one that sells Multi Suco (Multi-Juice, a 40k gatorade-like beverage I invented for my Dark Heresy campaign) and Aquilla Cola (Yap, Cola drink in 40k).  

As opposed to the usual cityscape of the 41st millenium, I tried to stay clear of ruins or gothic catedrals, and instead try to imagine how regular humans, in some agriworld or small settlement would build their homes, how they would live and organize themselves... As the region I live is quite desertic-like, and dust accumulates everywhere, even with constant cleaning, I decided to go for a desert-looking city, based on traditional Middle Eastern and African building style. This way the more sand sticks to the scenery, the better XD

Also decided to make the writings around the city in Urdu, trying to get out of the Arabian language (that is often used when the theme is "desert") but still maintaining the feel of some "exotic eastern" place. As I'm not fluent in Urdu, I used the Google Translator, so if something is written like "Fried Chicken" instead of what I wanted to write, it's not really my fault =D (Big Grin)

Well, I know the Imperium in 40k speaks Gothic (High and Low Gothic), but I decided to avoid it around the city, as usually the colonized people inside some empire try to keep their own language alive... or as an idea that the Imperium gives so few fucks about the urban centers "out of the mainstream" that nobody even bothered to teach Gothic to the inhabitants XD 

I didn't named the city, as my idea is to swap the modular blocks to make different cities everytime me and my friends play. 

The Traitor Tallarn from my K.S.I.S. army and the Thousand Sons were inserted for scale purposes...


orcbruto's Profile Picture
Arturo Alejandro Branco
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I am a multi-artist that loves Photoshop, Google Sketchup and vector art.

I am Pisces (western horoscope) and Bull (chinese horoscope). A+ Blood

I am also an archeologist, Master Degree historian, made my thesis about Dracula in Romania (mostly in Craiova, Tirgoviste and Bucharest). Also I am enthusiast of Paleontology.

I am atheist, but I follow Buddhist Zen philosophy as moral and ethic compass. I also have lots of knowledge in magic and sorcery traditions from Middle Ages, despite I don't practice them.

Ethnically I am 25% Portuguese (Trás-os-Montes), 25% Spanish (Madrid), 25% Italian (Calabria) and 25% Morocco Berber. I born in Brazil, despite I have no Brazilian blood...

I speak portuguese and english very well, and very poorly spanish, japonese, latim, italian and romanian...

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