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Hello friend

Yap, :iconmineraleater: tagged me for another game of questions and answers in DA Journal (I love this kind of game, also love to answer questions... probably that's why I become a teacher). So, here they are:

1: There is snow on the road: Drifting season or careful driving?
Hummm... there is no snow in Brazil, and I also don't drive (just don't like it, feels boring). But if I was in Europe, I would probably carve my way walking across the snow fields (It's amazing! I got a winter at Romania, and saw as much snow as I could ever want)

2: Love or hate vegetables?
Vegetables are awesome, they convert carbon gas and sunlight to oxygen and help to regulate the planet's temperature and humidity. But I don't eat leaves and most fruits... I kind of have a bizarre (allergic?) reaction to them and as soon as I put my teeth into some leaf or fruit I start puking like that The Exorcist girl for hours... So far no medic was able to discover why or how it happens... 

3: Laptop or tower-PC?
Tower PC, definitively. The good thing is that you can always upgrade a tower PC for the lowest price, and if you have the back luck to burn something inside it, it's easier to find replacement in the market... 

4: Still in education or already out there working?
Well... both. I graduated as Historian/History Teacher/Professor and made a Master Degree (like a PhD, but faster) in Imaginary History (That study what people used to believe or take for truth in some time and place in History), but I couldn't find a job in the field, so I ended up teaching old grannies how to use a computer. In 2013 I accepted my mother's pressure to get away from this job and make a second graduation, this time in Design (the single course gets around all the fields, from Game Design to Fashion, Vehicle, Web, Graphic and many many other "Designs"), as I always was the mad scientist kind (building my own furniture, sculpting stuff, building weird machines...) and was already designing stuff as a hobby. Now I'm in the middle of the course, and as I study I also take lots of freelance works (mostly boring logo and mascot designs for stores...). Lately people started hiring me to sculpt cool stuff, miniatures and forge blades, so my work became very very less boring =D

5: New years eve just passed by: watching fireworks, lighting them up or just hanging out? 
Watching them in TV mostly. There are a lot of tall apartment building around my house, so I can't really see them (just hear)...

6: What climatezone fits you best for a living? (not just holiday ;) (Wink))
Damn! I think I born to be Russian/Suomi/Scandinavian/Northern European! I love cold climate (enough to go out wearing shorts and t-shirt while thermometers show it's 0ºC), snow, blurry dark skies, hate sunlight and I'm mostly immune to alcohol, I can drink quite a lot and never get drunk, just sleepy... 

7: Did you have bad experiences with disrespectuble elderly persons?
You mean old people who are rude annoying me? Yap, a lot... I used to teach elderly people to use computers, and Brazillians aren't known for being polite (specially the redneck cowboys from my region), and many of this grannies and grandpas used to treat me as if I was their slave... Most though that because they were paying a course, I would magically make them learn everything there is to know about PCs, and so they didn't had to read, make exercises or even think... 

8: Would you think that you yourself would become a bit of a angry elderly person (Like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino?)
Hahahahahha, I'm sure I will! Like, I'm already angry (so in fact that I have to take medicines not to get punching people...), and I can't stand lots of people (mostly stupid people, religious zealots, conspiracy theorists, playboys...) to the point I would mostly get up and leave any place that have this kind of guys around (or I will have to contain me to not trade insults with them). 

So, now it's my time to ask questions:

1) Is there a specific time in the year/month/week/day you get more depressed or more euphoric? 

2) Do you believe most guys that heard messages from gods/spirits/etc were schizophrenics, really contacted some supernatural entity or were just taking advantage of people's beliefs? 

3) If you could be hooked to a Virtual Reality machine that would input at all your senses and that could be programmed to make you feel and "live" in any reality/life/time frame you wanted, with a quality as good as real life, but you couldn't ever be removed from it, would you? (the machine would care about your feeding, hydration, health and etc, so don't worry about it)

4) Do you think your personality, memories and sentience resides in your brain cells, in the electric interaction between them, in some supernatural "soul" or do you have an original idea about it? 

5) Did you ever had an experience with undying entities (ghosts, spirits, haunts...) or extraterrestrials? 

6) You just died and discovered there was an afterlife, but the "real" god is Baal Hammon, from ancient Carthage, and he is pissed off because you never sacrificed or prayed for him. What do you do? 

7) A group of feminazis just started a riot in your front door, accusing you of being misogynist. They wont tell you why they got this idea, and they can't stop shouting and playing bad music all day long. What do you do?
8) If some vampire offered to change you into a vampire, would you accept? Would endless lifespan and supernatural powers be tempting for you, even if you would have to live like a predator and never see sunlight again?

To answer this questions I summon :icontheendofpain:, :iconvalkyrieofasgard:, :icona3t3rnum:, :iconhellequine-d-olt:, :iconicequeenmetal:, :iconkatemetalhead:, :icontwiggytorture:, :iconunread-story: and :iconella-ablaze:


Brother Kratos redone by orcbruto
Brother Kratos redone
Another re-painting and re-working of some of my first miniatures. The same god-slayer Terminator sergeant of Brother Sargent Kratos
Tartarus Squad redone by orcbruto
Tartarus Squad redone
Finally finished repainting my Ultrasmurfs Terminators. I got rid of the auxiliary squires and also changed the sergeant swords (had plenty of them in my bit box...). 

This is the same squad I painted some time ago (Tartarus Squad). What do you think? Is it better now? =D
Librarian Apolonius by orcbruto
Librarian Apolonius
Converted the Dark Vengeance Librarian to the Ultrasmurfs, my favorite imperial chapter =D

Apolonius of Tyana was a greek philosopher/magician/psyker in the first century C.E.. The writer Philostratus used Apolonius in his awesome saga "The Life of Apollonius of Tyana", were the philosopher travels around the eastern part of the Roman Empire, from Parthia to Mesopotamia and India, fighting monsters and performing miracles. So I though it would be a good idea for a greek/roman-like psyker :eager:
Khorne Bloodletter Daemonettes by orcbruto
Khorne Bloodletter Daemonettes
So here are the troops for my Heralds of Khorne Daemonettes. I decided to train my hand at sculpting, starting with those ladies/daemons. The overall result seem good enough, but I still think I have to get better at keeping their proportions and working some small details, but for the first time, it went better than I expected. 

They were made with "grey stuff" (Loctite Durepoxi) and sculpted with a needle =D

So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Ideas? Critics? 
Heralds of Khorne Daemonettes by orcbruto
Heralds of Khorne Daemonettes
Hell yeah! I was a bit excited with the Codex Chaos Daemons and decided to make a small force of Khornate girls to train my hands at sculpting 28mm miniatures and to have some allied warp creatures for my khornate armies (Bad move, the Codex Chaos Daemons sucks... They are far too weak and you have to keep long lists with all the stuff they may or may not have...¬¬).

So this trio would be the Heralds of Khorne (I can take up to four Heralds as one HQ...), and I tried to go for some mad dervishes rolling like hurricanes of fire and blood at the battlefield :devil:

So far I liked them, all sculpted in "grey stuff" (Loctite Durepoxi) with a small needle and a magnifying glass. I just think I have to get better at textures and some small anatomical proportions that got a bit distorted here and there... But as they are from the Warp, nobody really expects this babes to be "anatomically correct" XD


orcbruto's Profile Picture
Arturo Alejandro Branco
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I am a multi-artist that loves Photoshop, Google Sketchup and vector art.

I am Pisces (western horoscope) and Bull (chinese horoscope). A+ Blood

I am also an archeologist, Master Degree historian, made my thesis about Dracula in Romania (mostly in Craiova, Tirgoviste and Bucharest). Also I am enthusiast of Paleontology.

I am atheist, but I follow Buddhist Zen philosophy as moral and ethic compass. I also have lots of knowledge in magic and sorcery traditions from Middle Ages, despite I don't practice them.

Ethnically I am 25% Portuguese (Trás-os-Montes), 25% Spanish (Madrid), 25% Italian (Calabria) and 25% Morocco Berber. I born in Brazil, despite I have no Brazilian blood...

I speak portuguese and english very well, and very poorly spanish, japonese, latim, italian and romanian...

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