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I was reading the Overfiend trilogy, some Warhammer 40k novels about Spessssh Marines fighting some unusual big, bad, mean and kunnin' orks, corrupted by the Eldar god of war (Just me or do you smell Khorne there too?). The novels are pretty good, despite the abrupt ending, but the better thing there is the nominal Overfiend, an ork warboss bigger than a dreadnought and that can think (!), make strategies (!!) and even stop shooting dakka everywere for no reason (!!!). 

Than I decided that, as most Warboss models are quite frustrating, I would carve my own "Overfiend". As this is my first sculpture in this scale (despite he is quite oversized, the size of a Contemptor Dreadnought), I'm trying to have the most care possible and to make it as detailed as I can. 

First of all I made a skeleton of metalic wires and now I'm covering it with muscle (using biscuit mass, as there is no Greenstuff anywhere here in Brazil...). I intent on making the skin with wood glue (It takes longer to dry but get a firm shape while doing so, allowing me to pull, push and sculpt before drying completly) and maybe some details in Epoxi (I never used epoxi before, so I'm note sure how easily this will be to shape...) and armor made of hard cardboard with PVC glue covering. 

I make no idea if it will work... If he ends up too deformed, I still can use him as a Great Unclean One or paint him like stone and use as an ork statue to Gork/Mork. But so far it is going on quite easily. 

Mostly I'm using my knowledge of humanoid anatomy and archaeology to distribute his muscles. As it looks in GW models, orks seems to be brachiators, they have the upper torso bigger, heavier and more developed than the legs and lower body, what suggests that they use to move my swinging from a surface to another using their arms as pendulums, much like the Pan family of primates (chimps and orangutans). Also they have a curve posture, like gorillas, with powerful neck and shoulder muscles. My warboss will be in a more heroic pose, like if he was screaming orders or swinging his sword (I'm planning on making a monster sword, like the one used by Gatts in Berserk anime/manga), with his body arched backwards, so I'm putting a lot of detail in his back musculature and spine. 

As 40k orks are more akin to fungus than to mammals, I'm trying a recognizable but alien disposition of muscles, with more fibers at the arms than a humanoid have, and some weird anchor points for them. I hope that, once I get on the skin, with face, teeth and eyes, I will be able to build a very menacing and twisted face for this guy. I already sketched his skull with biscuit mass, and I opted for something like a neanderthal man, with bone crests over his brow and along his skull topside. 

I hope to upload some WIP photos shortly, just after I finish uploading a lot of other miniature photos I had finished this last weeks =D

If you ever modeled something in 28mm scale and have some tips, suggestions or opinions, I will be glad to hear them =D


orcbruto's Profile Picture
Arturo Alejandro Branco
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I am a multi-artist that loves Photoshop, Google Sketchup and vector art.

I am Pisces (western horoscope) and Bull (chinese horoscope). A+ Blood

I am also an archeologist, Master Degree historian, made my thesis about Dracula in Romania (mostly in Craiova, Tirgoviste and Bucharest). Also I am enthusiast of Paleontology.

I am atheist, but I follow Buddhist Zen philosophy as moral and ethic compass. I also have lots of knowledge in magic and sorcery traditions from Middle Ages, despite I don't practice them.

Ethnically I am 25% Portuguese (Trás-os-Montes), 25% Spanish (Madrid), 25% Italian (Calabria) and 25% Morocco Berber. I born in Brazil, despite I have no Brazilian blood...

I speak portuguese and english very well, and very poorly spanish, japonese, latim, italian and romanian...

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