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Hello my friend!

Last time I wrote I was about to start trying my luck at sculpture, more specifically 28mm scale space fantasy guys (read Warhammer 40k)!

Well, my Overfiend is not out yet... I finished him but left him naked and I'm not in the mood to make his ork armor... buuuuttttt this "guinea pig" warboss gave me a good place to try and test many different materials, techniques and ideas... 

As I am re-painting my Chaos army (as you may see in my latest deviations), I took a time to produce a couple of Chaos Spawn, sculpted from scratch, and they came out quite acceptable. Not as detailed as I had envisioned, but good enough to strike fear to the heart of the enemy (and players, the one I painted already made his debut at the tabletop, and received the nickname "Monstrão", "Big Monster" XD). As the fluff of my Khorne army have them as ex-Vylka Fenryka turned to Chaos, I decided to make their Spawns looking like some weird giant lupine creatures, more or less like the Beast of Gevaudan from the movie Pact of the Wolves (My favorite movie ever! Go watch it! It's Matrix style fights + Medieval fantasy + Hot actresses + Boobs + Weird ass monster!), and soon I shall post them here for critics/suggestions/striking fear to your heart... XD

Now I bought a box of Fire Warriors that I found lying around in a toy store (again, people there had no idea what the fuck Warhammer 40k was...) and got the idea to make a Merc army, mostly to use as allies in big fights or killteams in small Kill Team skirmish. My idea was some renegades similar to Farsight revolutionaries, fighting for the "Greater Payment" rather than "Greater Good" XD

Initially I got the idea to try making some kroot heads and using them in the Fire Warrior's bodies (Because kroot are awesome, and their fluff is a lot more interesting than the Space Soviets Tau XD), but then I got some Durepoxi (the closest to Green Stuff you can find here in Brazil... it looks similar, but it's grey =D) in excess, and to not lose it, I decided to try my luck at some torsos... And now I'm working at ten Carnivores and four kroot Knarloc... I never read the Tau Codex and I don't know much how both of them shall work at the tabletop game, but at Dawn of War the kroot were my favorite race so far.

By now I have them all ready but naked... I still not sure how to outfit them, but as my table and props are mostly desert themed, I'm thinking at giving this guys a bit arab or turk look. I'm still unsure if I go for a more 1001 Nights style or to a WWI and WWII desert troops... I was planning to make some Khorne renegade Guardsmen in a arabian style, and now I'm not really sure if I want the kroot to look much like them... 

Another idea I had is to go for a more black african look... But there are so many millions of different cultures in Africa that I'm not sure about where to start looking at... 

So... does someone have any idea or suggestion? I promise to upload them soon =D


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Arturo Alejandro Branco
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I am a multi-artist that loves Photoshop, Google Sketchup and vector art.

I am Pisces (western horoscope) and Bull (chinese horoscope). A+ Blood

I am also an archeologist, Master Degree historian, made my thesis about Dracula in Romania (mostly in Craiova, Tirgoviste and Bucharest). Also I am enthusiast of Paleontology.

I am atheist, but I follow Buddhist Zen philosophy as moral and ethic compass. I also have lots of knowledge in magic and sorcery traditions from Middle Ages, despite I don't practice them.

Ethnically I am 25% Portuguese (Trás-os-Montes), 25% Spanish (Madrid), 25% Italian (Calabria) and 25% Morocco Berber. I born in Brazil, despite I have no Brazilian blood...

I speak portuguese and english very well, and very poorly spanish, japonese, latim, italian and romanian...

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